Inspirational Board

I am feeling very crafty lately. 

 Today, I made an inspirational board. Since I was in a funk lately, I did research and found this project to boost confidence and motivation. I found wonderful quotes and words that I felt described me. Also, I am hold a sloth and that was the happiest I ever was.


Dedication Ring

My  I worked really hard last semester and saved up a lot of money. I am not bragging, I am sharing how I decided to purchase something for myself.

  I am not huge on jewelry. The only jewelry I wear is what someone may give me. I believe jewelry is sentimental. I don’t know why. I always felt this way. Most of my jewelry..I can not wear. I mentally can not stand it..due to sentimental value. Also, I wanted a piece of jewelry I never owed before.

 I was debating on getting my ears pierced. I pierced them in high school but learned the hard way I was allergic to gold. I then thought about another necklace but couldn’t figure out what kind of symbol I wanted. Finally, it hit me.

 A ring. I never owed a ring before except my class ring in high school. Almost being twenty-eight, I felt my class ring is something I don’t feel like wearing anymore. I looked down at my right hand and thought a ring would look nice on that hand. I searched for the right ring on the internet. I finally found it at Pandora.

 This ring is a dedication to loving myself. The year 2017 is going to be the year about me. I will not let my negativity get the best of me. I will start to take a stand and stand up for myself. When things get rough, lonely or over whelming; I will look down at my right hand and know one thing. I love myself and I will always be there for myself. I can control myself and if people don’t like me or my decisions then there is nothing I can do. It is their loss because I am an amazing person. This is what this ring represents.