Inspirational Board

I am feeling very crafty lately. 

 Today, I made an inspirational board. Since I was in a funk lately, I did research and found this project to boost confidence and motivation. I found wonderful quotes and words that I felt described me. Also, I am hold a sloth and that was the happiest I ever was.


Have Been on Hiatus

This semester has been very rough for me. I have a nine class load and I am finding the stress of work hitting me lately. It is extremely hard to do anything for yourself when you are always prepping and always grading to keep up. I love my job, but I will never have my courses have this amount of work and I hope this semester is helping for future ones when it comes to prep.

 I have not been to the gym much. Granted, I get my steps in from lecturing but I have not been to a spin class since September. My schedule doesn’t allow it. By the weekend my back and feet hurt so much that I have no drive to workout. It is terrible.

 Due to the stress, I find myself snacking a lot. I am trying to get away from it but since I am so busy; I have no other way to realize my tension. I understand this is a whole line of excuses. I don’t find myself knowing what to do and having support lately. People tell me to just do you and do what you want. It is extremely hard with this schedule.

 I love my job. I love creating lesson plans and helping my students. I am noticing how much stronger they are becoming with their writing. Sometimes, the conversations are becoming insightful.

 I have over 300 students this semester. Three reading courses, four Composition 102, and two Composition 101 courses. I have a lot of grading on my plate. I create all my lectures. Since this is only my second year, teaching is like flying a plane without the plane being built. It seems to never end with creating and grading. I know never semester will be easier. 
 I am extremely stressed but I do have great things in my life that helps me forget the stress. I have my family, friends, and a new guy in my life. They help me stay focus. I only have six weeks left. I can do this.
Sorry to be so silent. I haven’t really “gained” even though I feel I have..but I am not motivating right now. I am not following plans or going on with what I want. This is the American dream…work…work..without benfits or a clear image of will you have a job in the next semester. Maybe I picked the wrong career path, but I love being in the college environment and teaching. Maybe all my hard work will pay off someday..this day is just not now.


Drinking More Water

 Lately, I have been feeling foggy and unclear with things. I do not feel awake or alert. I noticed I am not drinking enough water. I drink a lot of coffee and alcohol. I need to start going back to H2O. 

I did well yesterday. My goal is to hit 68 oz’s everyday. I am staying away from soda. I have been drinking too much of it. Also, I am going to start to watch my alcohol intake. I need to cut down to one or two drinks. I also need to learb to drink water in between.

 I am learning to get back to where I was. One step at a time. 


Positive Today; Positive Tomorrow

 I noticed that my blog was getting a lot of traffic today; so I decided to post something small. 

 I have been having a great month of August. My mood had been at a all high and my confidence is great. I have someone in my life currently who is a postive rather than a negative. 

I have been eating somewhat better but I am tracking my food more. Drinking has been less recently. I think it is due to my high spirits. My mood and personality is drastically different as well. I am looking at life in a different way.

 I mean, wouldn’t you feel positive after holding a sloth and feeding her a carrot? 

 Weight loss is not just about losing weight. I thought it was about losing numbers off the scale. I didn’t have to just lose weight but I needed a personality check. My mind has been so foggy and unclear for so long. I sort of lost myself. Now, I am realizing I am a good person and being happy and healthy is what matters.

 The school semester starts soon. I am excited to mentor and motivate my students to become critical thinkers and writers. I am excited to see what the future holds. The future looks bright.


Staying Positive

I have not posted in a while. Life has been rather interesting but busy. While all this is happening; one must stay positve. I have had a lot of great things happen in the last week, but one event that I must remain postive about. 

 My mind is always changing and with events recently it is changing for the better. I was always filled with negative thoughts but recently I have learned that thoughts like this does not do a person any good. Why worry and fret about things that you can not change? You are the only thing that can change. Focus on that.

 So, even with the recent events I must stay positive and give this person positivity too.