Inspirational Board

I am feeling very crafty lately. 

 Today, I made an inspirational board. Since I was in a funk lately, I did research and found this project to boost confidence and motivation. I found wonderful quotes and words that I felt described me. Also, I am hold a sloth and that was the happiest I ever was.


One month without alcohol 

Today is a big day for me. It is one month since I had alcohol. Now, I was not an alcoholic but I was finding myself drinking more than usual. I was getting into craft beer and making it a hobby. There were other things too with this subject.

 Alcohol has caused me to gain weight. I worked so hard with my weight loss a couple years ago. Once I started to go to craft beer or liquor, I was starting to gain weight but my mind set changed. I had a huge thing happen in my life a month ago and I thinking drinking was a big cause to it. So I decided to stop a month ago.

I did a split screen. The one on the left was more than a month ago and I was drinking that night. I feel like my face is extremely puffy and I look older. Now, I am wearing makeup that is more extreme in that picture. However, I feel the picture on the right (which was taken on Saturday) I look younger and my face is not bloated.

 If you disagree it is okay. This is what I think and if it helps me, I am okay.

So…Congrats to me. I am happy of my accomplishments so far.


What a Wonderful Week

This week has been great. Monday was a great start with my Weight Watchers meeting. Going to the meetings are really helping me and giving me something to look forward to. Also, it is keeping me in check to count my points and care what I put into my body.

 I am enjoying counting points again. Also, I like scanning things to see what is a better choice or not. Here is an example of a healthy five point Weight Watchers lunch. I decided to have carrot chips besides regular chips for they are zero versus 3 or more. 

Not only am I doing well with eating this week, I went back to the gym. I know! Shocking! My goal is to go to spin classes three days a week and go to the gym and do something random once a week. Four days a week will be a nice getting into the swing of things. I am nuts because I go to a 6 am class. If you enjoy an will do anything to take their class.

 Before you judge the bubble and poop looking face, I am getting really into skin care lately. When I was looking at my skin the beginning of this month, it was dry, oily, and I felt like I looked old. I am only twenty-seven, but I felt I needed to take care of my face. So, I went to Instagram. The first picture is a clay mask that is carbonated. It is the weirdest thing ever, but it really works! My skin feels so smooth. The next picture..I know, it looks like I rubbed poop on my face. However, cupcake from Lush had helped me with my oily skin. It is a wonderful mask that smells great! I am so in love with skin care.

I am becoming in love with me. My courses are going well this semester, evaluations for a rocky semester went well, I am taking care of my body and I am able to do what I want when I want..and not worry about stupid stuff when it comes to relationships. Single life is the best thing right now.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dedication Ring

My  I worked really hard last semester and saved up a lot of money. I am not bragging, I am sharing how I decided to purchase something for myself.

  I am not huge on jewelry. The only jewelry I wear is what someone may give me. I believe jewelry is sentimental. I don’t know why. I always felt this way. Most of my jewelry..I can not wear. I mentally can not stand it..due to sentimental value. Also, I wanted a piece of jewelry I never owed before.

 I was debating on getting my ears pierced. I pierced them in high school but learned the hard way I was allergic to gold. I then thought about another necklace but couldn’t figure out what kind of symbol I wanted. Finally, it hit me.

 A ring. I never owed a ring before except my class ring in high school. Almost being twenty-eight, I felt my class ring is something I don’t feel like wearing anymore. I looked down at my right hand and thought a ring would look nice on that hand. I searched for the right ring on the internet. I finally found it at Pandora.

 This ring is a dedication to loving myself. The year 2017 is going to be the year about me. I will not let my negativity get the best of me. I will start to take a stand and stand up for myself. When things get rough, lonely or over whelming; I will look down at my right hand and know one thing. I love myself and I will always be there for myself. I can control myself and if people don’t like me or my decisions then there is nothing I can do. It is their loss because I am an amazing person. This is what this ring represents.