Don’t Live in the Past

 Life has been rather difficult for me the last year. Many may not understand but I basically had a crisis. I can’t call it a midlife crisis but it was very similar. Working many part time jobs, gaining weight, drinking a lot, and thinking people who were apart of your life really where not the best for you or ran away when times got rough.

 Life is a challenge and it is not supposed to be easy. However, when one is stressed out it is rather difficult to focus. I have been dealin with a lot of good and bad stress lately. I have been finding that food is the only comfort I get. I find myself not knowing when to stop. 

 I also over think a lot. It is a lot of negative thinking because I feel that the last year I have become a failure. Working really hard (and not being promoted or advancing), failed relationships, people getting mad at me due to feeling over whelmed and stressed, gaining weight, and just not feeling satisfied in life. 

 Every week I tell myself that things will change. Honesty, the motivation is not there. I can’t stop playing the past in my head. I feel like I have done a lot of wrong in my life. Wish I could fix everything. I can’t.

  So again..if I seem difficult or unbearable..please be patient. If not, don’t be in my life. I can’t handle anymore stress.


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