Joined Weight Watchers

 I have always been apart of Weight Watchers in a way. I used to borrow my Mom’s books and tools. In the old days before smart phones; I would actually write things done. Now with the app, things are easier. However, the app wasn’t good enough anymore. I was tired of doing this alone.

 My Mom always helped me. However, I feel she is in a different position in her weight loss journey. Also, she goes to meetings every week even after life time. I on the other hand, would do it all at home. Since 2015, I slacked off. I stopped tracking. I ignored things I was consuming. I was drinking a lot of alcohol and stress eating. 

Then 2016 hit me hard. I had major breakups, stress with work, a family health issue and I learned I suffered from anxiety. I was off the wagon hard core. I stopped going to the gym, eating healthy and let my mind race with issues that were not in my control. What I wasn’t doing was focusing on the issues that were important. 


 I don’t feel like sharing my current weight at the moment. However, I am glad I started now. I hope to get motivation from others and maybe motivate others again.

 We are human. I am human. Everything is not my fault. The only thing I can control is myself.

This is the year about me.

Wish me luck. =)



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