Things I Need to do More in 2017

 I got the motivation to leave my house and work out. It made me feel a little better and motivated me. I started to have a different mind set and I am pissed. I am not sad anymore; I am angry. I am a great person and I am tired of being walked over and pushed aside. I am tired of negativity and I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. This ends now. I only care about one person and that is me. I have built a big strong wall and it is going to take an army to knock it down. It is going to take the secret password to ever let you inside.

 Besides this..I need to be positive. It is negative and rather dramatic. However, I have ideas of being positive. 

1.) Workout more. I plan to go to spring every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. I also have my nights back and I could take a yoga or kick boxing class.

2.) Eat healthier. I have been eating out too much and buying a lot of candy. The week before Christmas I ate three bags of candy in three days. No more of this.

3.) Stop drinking. I am done drinking. I am taking a stand and becoming sober for 2017. Drinking has ruined my brain. I am not even going to drink in moderation. For one year I am going to stop drinking and see how it changes my life.

4.) See more Broadway shows. I love Broadway and I need to go more.

5.) See more drag shows. I love watching drag shows and I love watching the confidence that they show off.

6.) Do more for charity. I want to do something for Autism Speaks this year.

7.) Go on more adventures with my friends. Adventures always go well and I always feel amazing after one.

8.) Do things on my own. Go to the movies, go out to eat, go to craft fairs and whatever. I can take my time and do what  I want to do

9.) Learn to cook. This will make my Mom happy.

10.) Work hard at my job and try to get a promotion or start teaching at a University.

 New year, new me and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do. I will not worry what people say about me. I will say no and no apologize for it. I am stronger then people see me. I will prove everyone wrong.


One thought on “Things I Need to do More in 2017

  1. Count me in on Number 3 … Stop Drinking. My 2016 was full of drinking one beer after the next in an attempt to make the world a better place. It didn’t happen. So, I’m with you!

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