Have Been on Hiatus

This semester has been very rough for me. I have a nine class load and I am finding the stress of work hitting me lately. It is extremely hard to do anything for yourself when you are always prepping and always grading to keep up. I love my job, but I will never have my courses have this amount of work and I hope this semester is helping for future ones when it comes to prep.

 I have not been to the gym much. Granted, I get my steps in from lecturing but I have not been to a spin class since September. My schedule doesn’t allow it. By the weekend my back and feet hurt so much that I have no drive to workout. It is terrible.

 Due to the stress, I find myself snacking a lot. I am trying to get away from it but since I am so busy; I have no other way to realize my tension. I understand this is a whole line of excuses. I don’t find myself knowing what to do and having support lately. People tell me to just do you and do what you want. It is extremely hard with this schedule.

 I love my job. I love creating lesson plans and helping my students. I am noticing how much stronger they are becoming with their writing. Sometimes, the conversations are becoming insightful.

 I have over 300 students this semester. Three reading courses, four Composition 102, and two Composition 101 courses. I have a lot of grading on my plate. I create all my lectures. Since this is only my second year, teaching is like flying a plane without the plane being built. It seems to never end with creating and grading. I know never semester will be easier. 
 I am extremely stressed but I do have great things in my life that helps me forget the stress. I have my family, friends, and a new guy in my life. They help me stay focus. I only have six weeks left. I can do this.
Sorry to be so silent. I haven’t really “gained” even though I feel I have..but I am not motivating right now. I am not following plans or going on with what I want. This is the American dream people..work…work…work..without benfits or a clear image of will you have a job in the next semester. Maybe I picked the wrong career path, but I love being in the college environment and teaching. Maybe all my hard work will pay off someday..this day is just not now.



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