The Best Night of my Life

The shooting in Orlando was a terrible tradgey. It really hurt my heart to hear something like this happened to a community that is all about love and acceptance.

 Over the last year I joined in events with the gay community. Mostly drag shows to be specific. I am not a homosexual but I believe that life is worth living. We can not go through life worrying and hating. Life should be about loving who you are and the people around you. Again, love and acceptance. This community has showed me this. For the first time EVER in my life I love myself. I feel comfortable in my own skin because I feel I am not judged and I can be myself.

On July 21st, Philadelphia did a charity event for the tradgedy in Orlando. All the bars in the Gayborhood opened their doors if you had a wrist band. You could jump from bar to bar and not worry what to do because there were so many events. I went with two girlfriends of mine. The night was amazing.

Never have I witnessed so many people together for one event. No fights, no judgment and no worries. Everywhere we went we met so many people. We did things we never did before such as dance for hours. 

 Glitter thrown onto our bodies, accidently giving a drag queen a $20, catching Pokemon in the middle of the street and running into people from your home town. To end the night we sang Seasons of Love at the top of our lungs. In the past I would have recorded it but living in the moment was ten times sweeter.

I did not have any negative thoughts, I felt confident and comfortable. It was a night I will always remember and it was all for a good cause. The event raised 70,000 that night. It is an amazing feeling I was apart of this loving and accepting night.

This community has really changed my outlook on life. 

 However, I am still finding glitter in my room and bathroom a week later!



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