Living: Independence is Amazing

The last few weeks has been a lot of self searching for me. I am learning it is okay to go off and do things on my own. I am learning that independence is not a bad thing. If you want to do something then go out and do it. If you wait for others you may not experience the wonders this world or life could offer.

Back during the 4th of July week I went to NY city. I love the city but I  never went alone before. This trip was elebrating. I took the train, walked Time Square, went to Ham4Ham, went to Central Park, ate at a resturant, and saw a Broadway show all by myself. It was a wonderful time. I saw so many different things where if I was someone else I could have missed something. I plan to do this again the end of August.

I did a lot of walking too. I was a beast that day.

Another thing I started to do alone was go to drag shows. I did at lot with the art of drag for my Master’s degree. Also, I am addictes to Rupaul’s Drag Race and the queens on there. My one friend started tagging along with me which is nice. I love going to drag shows for fhe confidence they have is amazing. The people who attend are confident with theirselves and this makes me comfortable.

Finally, this weekend I went into Philadelphia because I saw a Broadway Karaoke Battle at a bar. I was interested in singing but I wanted to be in a room with other people who liked what I enjoyed which is Broadway. I got brave and signed up. I sang Maybe This Time from the musical Cabaret. Four people were awarded prizes. Fifteen people competed.

I took fourth place. I won money too! What I actually won was confidence in myseld to sing infront of a group of strangers, go off to a city/bar by myself and do something I really wanted.
I am finally living and I love it.



One thought on “Living: Independence is Amazing

  1. This is awesome. I used to live in Stamford and would take the train into NYC and just do my thing, by myself. And drag! I love drag. And hi5 on the karaoke. I’ve always enjoyed singing but am too afraid to sing in front of others.

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