I have been away from this blog for a long time. I apologize, but things have been tough. I had a huge shake in my personal life and it has caused me to lose focus on what is important. Myself.

 I focused all my time on work and doing things that was not healthy. I was drinking a lot and not sleeping. I have been go go go and not slowing down. I had to keep busy. I could not have my mind stay still. If it stayed still..I would be lost in my thoughts. 

 So, if you have been emailing me or reaching out to me; I am sorry for not responding. I am not a weight loss role model right now. I have been  gaining weight and I have not worked out in a month. I lost motivation. 

 I am trying to get back on track. I had a week off and my mind is clearer. I hope to get back into old habits with eating right and workouts. 

My alarm is set to go to spin class. I hope to go back to it. I decided to cut my drinking to only one alcoholic beverage. I need to stay away from carbs and sweets. 

 I need to work on myself. I am what is important right now, but it is hard to see it. Life is very stressful. I feel as if there is a lot of pressure on my shoulder that it is pulling me down and crushing me. I want to move on to “adulthood” but I don’t know what the next step is. I love my job and it is the only thing that gives me purpose..but it is not full time. It doesn’t help me move onto the next step.

I am searching for answers. My generation really got screwed  over. Doing what you love is dead. 
Anyway, I apologize for being low key. I am just struggling right now and I know no one wants to read that.


3 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. I’m not saying I WANT to read that you are struggling, but I certainly don’t want to read about sunshine and rainbows all the time. We’re human, we struggle. Sharing the dark side just makes you more real.

  2. I believe you will overcome and dance happily over the graves of your problems. Everyone has setbacks in the weight loss journey, it doesn’t mean you’re not a role model. Getting back on the wagon is one of the most useful things to model anyway!!!

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