I Lost 5 lbs this Week

 Last week I got on the scale and was very upset to see the number. I felt I was losing control of my weight. I have been having a difficult time losing weight the last year. I usually stayed the same weight which is 181 to 179. 

 When I saw the scale said 186, I felt a sense of panic. I did not want that number to go up anymore. If I had that number go up then I will go back to my old weight. 

 This week I was strict with everything. I actually fully followed the Weight Watchers program. I stayed away from eating a lot of bread and junk food. I have noticed those are my two issues. I even tried to stop eating after 8pm.

I didn’t even work out this week and I lost 6 lbs. I am proud of myself. 

I need to keep going.


One thought on “I Lost 5 lbs this Week

  1. Congrats on the loss. It is great when all the effort we make shows up on the scale, I had a gain this week & I know what I have to do to keep that from happening this week, I was doing good for a while, but then this morning it was up! I am worried I am going to regain all the weight again!

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