Before and During: Bathing Suit

 I was going to post this for Transformation Tuesday, but I could not wait that long. Ha! The before picture popped up on my “On This Day” feature of my FB. The before picture I was actually young. I was 19? I had no body shape except round. No curves and I was the same size all around. 

  When I am hard on myself and I think that I am not good enough..I always look at past pictures of myself. I have accomplished so much. I need to stop being so hard on myself when I step on the scale. The scale is not always accurate. I could be gaining muscle. I just need to keep going.

Have a safe and fun MDW.



2 thoughts on “Before and During: Bathing Suit

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  2. I love the suit. It is really pretty. I am pretty harsh on myself too. I have lost & gined weight. This last attempt I have been doing well. I just want to get the weight off & stop the yo-yo cycle. Running has helped me so much, but it is the food. You just cannot exercise away a bad diet.

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