Confidence in a Bathing Suit

Summer is approaching and pools are opening. The beach is packed due to MDW. Here I was freaking out, because I have not found my dream bathing suit yet.

  I posted a before shot of myself a few posts ago and I was in a bikini. I don’t think that is the right swim suit choice for myself. My body type is just not a bikini type of gal. 

 So, I went to the mall yesterday and was trying to figure out what kind of bathing suit should I purchase. There are so many styles that it is overwhelming.

 So many types and how do you know which one makes you feel comfortable and confident? Well, you need to suck it up and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. I know that is hard but you need to be adventures. Just pull it off the rack and try it on. It is only you inside that dressing room. Who cares, right?

  I went into the clothing store Torrid last night. I used to shop there all the time and I sort of forgot about the place. I forgot that the store caters to the traditional woman. You know, with curves and no thigh gap?

 I was hesitant at first because shopping there reminded me of being my 235 pound self. I was a size 4 in that store due to my size. What I noticed now, I am a size 1 on top and a size 2 on bottomed. That is a huge accomplishment and I should be proud of that. It means I have a body shape. My body shape was the same size bottom and top in the past.

  I was in the store for a long time. I had to pull different sizes and different styles. It was so over whelming. When I first went to the dressing room I had 18 items in my hand. The employee at Torrid let me in the dressing room with all of the items because my purse was tiny and I was wearing shorts/t-shirt. How could I stash anything? The employees were very nice and accommodating to my needs.

  It was a rough process trying to figure out my style. I learned quickly I am not a one piece type of gal. I looked and felt like my younger self a bad way. I feel like a little girl..which nothing screams sexy or confident when a woman feels like a six or eight year old girl.


  A tankini type bathing suit was what I always went towards. They are easy because you put on a pair of shorts and you are ready to go. I didn’t want to fall back to the same bathing suit. Plus, they are really not in style now.

 What could show my age but not make me feel like a grandmom? What would give me the confidence to show off my curves but not feel self conscious? 

 BAM! Never in my wildest dreams would I purchase a bathing suit like this. First, it is a skirt based bathing suit. I always though skirts were for housewives who popped three children out. (Sorry, if you wear a skirt! =P) I also never though a built in bra would be comfortable in a bathing suit. It does not dig into my body and it is very comfortable.

 The bathing suit is two pieces. I can show some of my skin if I wish but I love how it looks like a dress. 

 So, I thought bathing suit shopping was going to be a disaster. I thought I was going to leave the store with nothing and feeling defeated. I was wrong! I feel confident, sexy, and I can not wait to wear my bathing suit somewhere.

What type of styles do you guys like? What fears do you have? What works for you to get over the fears! Comment below and let me know. =)


3 thoughts on “Confidence in a Bathing Suit

  1. I have a halter one piece with ruching that i love. The halter flatters my bust while the ruching camouflages my mid section. It’s kind of got a retro, nautical vibe.

    • Hatters are great! I don’t know what I have been doing with my life without halter anything.
      Retro seems to be very popular now. It should be because it flatters anyone’s body shape.

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