I am Sorry, Bob Harper!

Day 3 and I am jello. I feel like I have no bones or muscles and that my body is just moving along like one big slinky. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy feeling sore because it means I am doing something right. I have not felt this soreness in months..maybe in a year.

I do hate starting over. I used to be the squat queen. I could get low and stay there for minutes. I used to do pylo squats like a beast. Now, I feel every muscle in my body shake like crazy when I squat and I am not even that low. It is nuts how stopping makes you weaker.

 This is a eye opener for not stopping. I don’t think I gave up. I got busy and made excuses. Excuses should be stopped..but..I AM SORRY, BOB HARPER!

 God..these past two workouts have killed me! Your workout DVDs are brutal to someone who has stopped working out as much as I used to. I am sorry we broke up..I really am. Now I can back and now you are making me suffer and pay..in a good way.

If you do not know because you are new to my blog or living under a rock…I am a huge Bob Harper fan. Bob Harper is from the Biggest Loser. Back in 2012 when I started to lose weight, I did nothing bug read his books and so his workout DVDs. In 2013, I met him when I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show.

 I find him to be motivating without being scary. Some workout DVDs are just scary to me. They do not start off slow..and a lot of them do not welcome beginners. If you are interested in trying him out, I recommend starting with The Biggest Loser based workouts. They are very welcoming. Also, pick up his book The Skinny Rules; this book has a lot of helpful tips.

So, sorry Bob. I am back. Please help me be strong again.



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