Swim Suit Before Shots

I am back at it. Okay..it has only been day two but a I feel so charged and better. Today, I think I over did it. I did one of my Bob Harper DVDs and of course I was feeling daring and didn’t do a Biggest Loser one..I did the extreme Weightloss one. Yup..my legs are going to be jello.

Summer is approaching..even though it does not feel like it. Bathing suits have always been a struggle for me. I still have the one that I love from a few summers ago. I can wear it but I do wish to sculpt my body more to feel truly confident. I decided to use it as a motivation set of pictures!

I took these pictures yesterday. Again, I see nothing wrong with wearing this in public. I would like to get my stomach a little flatter. This is a lesson to you all..this is what snacking, wine, and craft beer does to your stomach. I have abused my body for too long and I am going to stop. 

I need to drink more water. It is hard for me to actually drink more than a one glass or bottle a day. I used to drink it like a fish but now I find myself only drinking it when I teach. So I will consume more water. When I am finished this post I am going to go for my second bottle.

 This meme doesn’t have to be true. Maybe , I need a better outlook on life? Get my life together? What awaits for me if I actually care about my body? Maybe a great story will come about this change? Nothing wrong with drinking socially or in moderation but drinking alone to help with stress is not the answer. If I feel stressed I need to find other ways to cope with it. 

So here is a new outlook. I am ready. I am tired of excuses. I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. I did this once and I can do it again.



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