Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs on Diet to Go

 I was just contacted by Diet to Go and was informed that they placed my blog on the “Top 100 Weight Loss Blog” list that they created. It is truly a honor to be mentioned in a list like this. I am grateful that Diet to Go decided to create a list of bloggers who may not be well known. I was looking at the list and all of these people share the same thing with me. We are trying to lose weight, live happy lives, and trying to inform and support others who maybe struggling.

What is really cool is Diet to Go has found 100 bloggers and I am in the top ten. Talk about a ego boost. 

Take a look at Diet to Go and the list they have created.

Sorry that I have been out of sorts and not really updating. The end of the semester was a killer. I am almost done grades. Phew!
Thank you, Diet to Go! You guys are awesome for creating this list! We need more sites like this to inspire everyday people like myself to feel connected with a issue many struggle with.



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