Slacking with my Workouts

I used to workout so much more than I do now. I was actually addicted to exercise. Things were also different or simpler back the too. I did have more time on my hands.

 I am having a hard time balancing between work and myself. This semester has been so crazy with lecture preps and grading that the last thing I wanted to do is run on a treadmill or take a spin class. I was naive a couple of years ago because I did not understand how people did not have time to work out or did not have the energy. This was a ignorant way of thinking.

I am finding that being a professor is a lot of work. I love the class lectures I deliver, but I have a hard time trying to figure out when do I stop working.

 My Mom gave me good advice. She told me to treat work like a nine to five job. Once five hit, I stop grading, prepping, and answering emails like a normal work environment. I can use that time for me. 

Go to spin classes or just do some kind of workout. I am teaching a summer session in a few weeks and I am going to try and practice this. My fall semester is going to be rather crazy and I need to practice this.

I hope I can find more time for myself.

-Professor Jackie 


8 thoughts on “Slacking with my Workouts

  1. Yes!! Your mom’s advice is awesome! You need to set a cut off time each day for your sanity if nothing else 🙂 I have a very mentally challenging job and I find that at the end of the day I am too tired to workout and I cannot workout first thing in the morning, so I use my lunch hour. I do high intensity strength and cardio for 35 min, sit and eat my lunch while I cool down, and do a quick wash up before returning to work. I work in an office setting and haven’t had any issues with smelling bad after, LOL. Is it possible that you could use the school’s fitness room for 30 min at lunchtime?

  2. Hi Jackie –

    I see that you are a Jersey girl. Whoot whoot!!

    I suspect your spring semester has ended or is nearly done. I am married to a professor. I can relate to the workload.

    In addition to what your mom suggested and what Courtney suggested, give this a try.

    1. Assess where you spend your time and on what. For a week chart your activity.
    2. Note how much time you spend on those activities.
    3. For each activity, tag the activity with, Absolutely necessary, Could have delegated, Could have waited, or Made me feel better. Absolutely necessary time could be time you spent driving yourself to work, the time you spend at work with office hours, department meetings, class time, etc. Could have delegated is self explanatory, but people sometimes to not consider that as an option to free up time. Could have waited is something that did not need to be done at that moment. For example, if you have a goal to read a book for leisure (as if you have time for that), that could be done at a different planned time. Made me feel better are those activities that we do to avoid something we should be doing like exercising (hint hint) because at that moment we do not feel like it. Such activities are spending time on social media, watching television, or talking on the phone or texting. More on not feeling like it in a bit.
    4. Reassess the Absolutely Necessary time. Was it really absolutely necessary? If yes, fine. If not, move it to the appropriate category.
    5. Review all times other than Absolutely Necessary.
    6. How much time did you spent in those areas? Note that time, then note the time of the day and on what days you have the most time or available pockets of time.
    7. Use that time to determine the best days and times to exercise. In your case, flexibility is key.

    If you find that you do not feel like working out, but you have the time, even if it is only 5, 10, or 15 minutes, get up an move for 5 minutes, then push yourself to 10, then to 15. If all you can manage is 10 minutes, no sweat. You at least did something. Remember, five is greater than zero, always.

  3. I also have a similar situation, especially
    as a health practitioner. What i have
    found that helps is to trek to my work
    place sometimes rather than drive,
    atleast its a good form of exercise.
    Sometimes work could zap your whole
    time that you find little or no time for
    yourself, that’s where your mom’s
    advice comes in handy. I use the
    weekends for my workout routines

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