Working on Myself

I have had a lot of things going on in my head. A lot of stress and anxiety. Recently it deals with my job. The semester is almost over and because of this there is a lot of grading that will happen.

 When I am stressed I tend to eat junk and drink a lot. I am trying to figure out how to relieve stress with doing other things. 

 Lately, I do not feel like I am taking enough time for myself. I need to focus on myself rather than work and relationships. 

Only issue is how do I do that when there is so much to do with my job?

I will have to figure it out..



2 thoughts on “Working on Myself

  1. Hey Jackie,

    I have struggled with this myself. My old job used to give me a “stress pit” in my stomach that was so bad at times that it ruined my day. The only way to fix the “Stress Pit” was to leave work! Seriously, as soon as I left work and was driving home the stress ball started to go away. All this to say, that I eventually had to leave the job as it just wasn’t worth it. I know that is often not really an option. It is crazy how much our jobs can affect our lives! Anyways, just found your blog, excited to follow your journey.

    • I feel like if you are not happy with work then one should leave. Toxic environments are difficult.
      Glad you saw this!

      Thank you for finding my blog! 😄

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