Four Years Ago and Now

 When this picture was taken of me four years ago I had no self confidence. I hated how my arms looked in this picture. I thought if I wore my glasses I would have not look I went the whole day blind. I was not comfortable in my own skin.

 A lot has changed now. This picture was taken last night and I looked good! I did not care what others though about me. I showed my arms with pride and wore my glasses to full nerd potential. Even though I lost weight and gained some back I am still comfortable in my skin. I do not feel fat. I feel strong.

 Strong is the word for both physically and mentally. When you look under the clothes I do have a tiny six back happening. It is tiny. My legs are strong from spin class. My arms are able to knock you out with my fists. I am strong physically.

 Mentally I am strong because I don’t care what people say about me. Don’t like my arms? I don’t care. Don’t like I am wearing glasses? I need them to see and they are not a fashion statement for you. I can still wear makeup and look glamorous with them on. 

I am learning two things at the age of twenty-seven.

1.) Who cares what others think? I am not here on earth to please every single one of you. Only the people who matter.

2.) Strong is the new skinny.



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