I Love Bread..Me too, Oprah 

 I have learned that I am eating high amounts of carbs and it comes in the form of bread..or beer. For the sake of this post, I will address my bread attiction. 

 I think I eat bread at every meal. I know that shouldn’t be a bad thing but I lately have been trying to figure out what I consume too much of. I don’t want to cut bread fully out of my diet but I do want to cut back.

 Last year I realized I had a snacking addiction to cereal. Now, I do not eat cereal at all. I found myself eating handful of cereal right out of the box when I was bored or mostly stressed out. I am finding the the same with bread. 

 So, I don’t want to cut bread out like I did with cereal but I have to learn self control.

Next I have to look at alcohol…but one step at a time. 😂😂


2 thoughts on “I Love Bread..Me too, Oprah 

  1. What’s not to love about bread? Unless you’re intolerant. I restrict carb intake to 100g/day. I also aim for at least 100g protein/day. It does require me to get a little creative with when and how much I have carbs. If I want a sandwich, it’s usually open faced, so that I can double up on protein without doubling up on carbs. Couscous is another favorite of mine because a little goes a long way. I also sometimes make lasagna with half the noodles that the recipe calls for, no other changes to the recipe. I make it fit, but I don’t get much.

    As for beer, when you figure out how to cut back on that, let us know. I do love beer. Probably more than bread.

    • Open faced is such a good idea! You still get the bread craving without two slices. I never though of that. I am not a big pasta person so u do not have to worry about carbs in that way.
      Beer will always be my current struggle.

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