Transformation Tuesday: No Quirky phrase Needed

  2012 vs. 2016. I can’t believe the before picture was 2012 in April. I am almost coming up on four years when I realized I was unhealthy.

 I have slipped since starting and I have gained since starting but nothing is perfect. The weight loss process goes up and down. When I gain weight during the week all I can do is reflect and see what I did.

 I do want to do some type of weight program for my arms. Not that I feel negative towards my arms but I do want to sculpt them to make them look strong. Strong arms look awesome during the summer.

 If anyone has a weight program for arms, let me know! 



One thought on “Transformation Tuesday: No Quirky phrase Needed

  1. Unfortunately, targeted weight loss is a myth. You will have to burn a lot more fat in order for them to be skinnier. It’s unfortunate that women obsess about particular body part they don’t like like arms, thighs, butts or any other.

    When you go down to your target weight everything will fall into place and you won’t have to worry about anything, unless you have ‘problem areas’ which are the fault of your genetics. But since it’s genetics you can’t really do much about it, so it’s best to accept it as is and move on.

    I, for example, have a hiperpigmentation around my eyes, which makes me look like panda in pretty much all of my pictures. There’s not much I can do about, so I stopped bothering with it.

    That’s what body positivity means – accept what nature has given to you and use it to the best of your ability.

    P.S I have started a 7 day challenge on my blog, I wanted to see how much of weight I can lose in 7 days without going on crazy diets/workouts. Maybe you’ll be interested!

    Take care!

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