Down Three Pounds This Week

 I have no idea how I lost three pounds this week! My Dad’s birthday party was on Saturday where drinking and food was not the best choices. Sunday we went out to eat and I ate a lot of cake from the day before. I also had a insane sweet tooth this week. I found my self eating candy because I bought a bag of clearance Easter candy.

  I also celebrated my birthday early last night where adult choices were not made with beverages. What a odd week! 

  I did spin classes and I did find myself keeping busy, but I suggest you all to not follow what I did. So odd! 


One thought on “Down Three Pounds This Week

  1. I feel like you’re too critical on yourself. Bashing yourself for eating “bad” on someone’s birthday (especially, your dad’s) is kind of a bad idea. If you had a cheat day for whatever reason, just eat well for the rest of the week.

    if you keep bashing/punishing yourself for being “bad” you won’t learn to appreciate yourself. The food you ate is not “bad”, it’s usually the amount of food eaten. That’s what’s bad, long term.

    3 pounds per week is a very good progress. Now take some time, analyze what you did, what you ate, how much of, and just repeat until you hit your target weight, or at least until you’re out of overweight/obese range.

    Overall, good for you and keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

    Take care!

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