Lost 1 lb this Week

I had a rough week last week where I gained 4 lbs. I did have factors to consider such as St. Patrick’s Day and monthly situations when you are a woman. All these things deals with being bloated, retaining water, and throwing off your routine. It is so discouraging.

  This week I lost a pound. I have idea how because I felt last week was worse than this week. My period was in full swing, I smacked at night due to my period, and my spin instructor was on vacation so I did not really try to work out because I am not a fan of the other instructors.


 It is funny how things play out when it comes to losing weight. I do feel that even though my weight loss is a struggle I do feel the healthiest/lightest I have felt in a while. I remember this time last year how huge I felt. Even looking back on during Christmas I felt very heavy and unhealthy.

  I will just keep doing what I am doing. I take spin classes 3-4 times a week and I try to not snack/eat anything after 8pm. My drinking situation is still a problem but I have cut back a little. 

It is one step at a time.



4 thoughts on “Lost 1 lb this Week

  1. How are you enjoying your spin class? I am going to be trying that out in the next couple of weeks and I’d love to get some input on what to expect!

    • I love spin! My favorite workout ever. I like it because you are on the bike and you will not bump into anyone. It is also a challenging workout which I like.

  2. Loosing weight is a crazy journey. I’m right there with you on the monthly issues of womanhood and even emotions can cause you to hold onto extra water weight. I wish we had a magic wand or switch to turn it all off and on as needed.

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