Helpful Food Advice 

Here is a short post for you all…

 Pbfit has changed my diet. I am a peanut butter nut and if you are on Weight Watchers you know how many points it is. Pbfit helps me with my peanut butter fix. 2 tbsp is only 1 Weight Watcher points. I firmly believe substituting this has changed my diet. 

  I use this stuff for everything. This product appears on sandwiches, on my rice cakes, dips, and smoothies. I love it!

Try it if you are a peanut butter lover.



3 thoughts on “Helpful Food Advice 

  1. Don’t know why America is so obsessed with peanut butter. I once bought a jar here (I’m from Estonia), tasted nice, but this stuff was filled with trans fats, which are a killer (literally). Wanted to try another brand, but they all had a bucket of trans fats in them. Not worth it, in my opinion.

    Will stick to Nutella, or rather raw nuts and fruits, cause all this processed stuff is as addicting as heroin, especially when you let it go out of control. And everyone knows how easy it is to eat the whole jar in one sitting (guilty). 😀

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