The Dress that Started it All

 I was cleaning my room and stumbled across a bridesmaid dress I wore back in 2012. The dress is a size 22. When I wore this dress I was at my heaviest which was almost 240 lbs. 

   Don’t get me wrong..I felt gorgeous that day. I was so unhealthy.  
I keep the dress as a reminder of my hard work. I don’t want to ever throw it out because I NEVER want to be that size again. 

 I put it on a couple of days ago. My mom took pictures. The dress needs to be held up or else it will fall down. I remember how TIGHT this dress was to my body the day of the wedding. It was fitted to my body that when I sat down I could not breath.

 It was a size size 22 and now depending on the dress I wear a size 12 or 14.

So if you are trying to drastically lose weight I suggest to keep on article of clothing. This will help remind you of all your hard work and what you have accomplished! 



6 thoughts on “The Dress that Started it All

  1. Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to get to that point again! I remember how it felt losing 80 lbs and doing the same as you! Then pregnancy, haha. I didn’t gain all the weight back, more like 50lbs of it over the last 4 years, but I’m back on the journey and only 26lbs from my lowest weight per pregnancy! I’m shooting for more this time, though. I cannot wait to do as you’ve done!!

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  3. This is awesome! Unfortunately for me, my article of clothing would be my wedding dress. I would’ve never wanted to be at my biggest at my wedding. I always aimed to be at my fittest, but I was not strong enough. My husband met me at KY smallest, and married me at my biggest. I only got bigger after the wedding and it is only now, 8 months later that I’m doing something about it. When I lose weight, I will use my wedding dress to show myself where I started. I would never get rid of that anyway. I love my dress and I kind of hope I can alter it to fit when I’m at my goal so I can see what it looks like at the weight I wanted to be on my wedding day. Sorry, kind if rambled on here. Good luck to you going forward, your progress is truly inspiring!

    • You were still beautiful in that wedding dress. It shows your husband loves you not matter what shape you were and that is a powerful thing.
      I like the idea of the altering of the dress. You should totally do a “wreck the dress” photo shoot with it. 😃
      Thank you for sharing your story with me.

  4. That’s amazing! You look great! I lost 40lbs+ before and now I am on a journey to lose that weight again. We need those reminders like clothes to help us remember how far we’ve come. : )

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