Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

 Happy Birthday, Dad! Life is more than just about losing weight. It is about being with family and friends and celebrate big moments such as a birthday. My family and I threw my Dad a surprise 50th which went off well! My Dad thought he was going to a beef and beer that night. Nope, he was wrong.

 My Mom did a awesome job having a vision in her mind what she wanted to do for my Dad’s birthday. I made the photo boards for my Dad’s party. Michael came home from LA to be at the party too. I also made sure we set everything up for the party because my Mom had to bring my Dad. 

We have so much cake. Cake is all over the house. We had a DJ for the party and I made sure to dance so I did not eat and drink all night. I think that did help. I also had to take a lot of pictures too. I think that helped me from not pigging out.

The party was a lot of fun. Thank you for everyone who came out! 


Lost 1 lb this Week

I had a rough week last week where I gained 4 lbs. I did have factors to consider such as St. Patrick’s Day and monthly situations when you are a woman. All these things deals with being bloated, retaining water, and throwing off your routine. It is so discouraging.

  This week I lost a pound. I have idea how because I felt last week was worse than this week. My period was in full swing, I smacked at night due to my period, and my spin instructor was on vacation so I did not really try to work out because I am not a fan of the other instructors.


 It is funny how things play out when it comes to losing weight. I do feel that even though my weight loss is a struggle I do feel the healthiest/lightest I have felt in a while. I remember this time last year how huge I felt. Even looking back on during Christmas I felt very heavy and unhealthy.

  I will just keep doing what I am doing. I take spin classes 3-4 times a week and I try to not snack/eat anything after 8pm. My drinking situation is still a problem but I have cut back a little. 

It is one step at a time.


Helpful Food Advice 

Here is a short post for you all…

 Pbfit has changed my diet. I am a peanut butter nut and if you are on Weight Watchers you know how many points it is. Pbfit helps me with my peanut butter fix. 2 tbsp is only 1 Weight Watcher points. I firmly believe substituting this has changed my diet. 

  I use this stuff for everything. This product appears on sandwiches, on my rice cakes, dips, and smoothies. I love it!

Try it if you are a peanut butter lover.


The Dress that Started it All

 I was cleaning my room and stumbled across a bridesmaid dress I wore back in 2012. The dress is a size 22. When I wore this dress I was at my heaviest which was almost 240 lbs. 

   Don’t get me wrong..I felt gorgeous that day. I was so unhealthy.  
I keep the dress as a reminder of my hard work. I don’t want to ever throw it out because I NEVER want to be that size again. 

 I put it on a couple of days ago. My mom took pictures. The dress needs to be held up or else it will fall down. I remember how TIGHT this dress was to my body the day of the wedding. It was fitted to my body that when I sat down I could not breath.

 It was a size size 22 and now depending on the dress I wear a size 12 or 14.

So if you are trying to drastically lose weight I suggest to keep on article of clothing. This will help remind you of all your hard work and what you have accomplished! 


Out of My Rut

  Last time I really wrote on here I was a negative Nancy. I was in a huge rut I could not get out of. I found myself feeling lost because I was having a hard time losing weight. I feel like I had a hard time getting back to old habits. 

  So for the last couple of weeks I got back into high gear. The month of Feburary I could attend Spin class three or four times a week. I also cut back on drinking beer and I stopped buying candy. I also stopped eating peanut butter from a jar but went to powder peanut butter.

  I also learned to stop snacking at night. I used to eat popcorn a lot and I took that out of my diet. Popcorn is nothing but carbs and salt. That makes you retain water and feel bloated. Why should I eat that?

I am doing so well! I am out of the 80’s which was a hard struggle for me. I am so happy to still be out of the 80’s this week. I do not even care I did not lose weight. 

  I am serving English Professor realness.

 This semester has been stressful with trying to teach students to write amazing research papers. I had to learn this semester I may expect too much from them and need to take it easy. It has been very hard for me this semester. It most likely has been in my head. Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of my head. 

 The past month has been a true eye opener for me that I need to relax and have confidence. If people judge me based off my teaching style, my weight, or personality than forget them.

 Losing some weight the last couple weeks makes some of my old clothes fit. I am also experimenting with makeup because I want my face to stand out more.  

I am turning 27 in a couple of weeks and I have never felt younger. Even though I am a professor who holds my students attention and need to be adult…I still feel so young. 

Here is to being confident and positive!