Race to Oz Medal Came Today!

 I am super motivated right now! My Race to Oz medal came in the mail today from Make Yes Happen, where I participated in a virtual race. What a great feeling to complete something and get a medal for it. I never received a medal for any races I have done. I know the point is to complete the race but to show that you did it is a nice prize. I usually save my PIN number I wore during the race. 

 I may do more virtual races because I can go at my own speed. Right now I am in Run the Year 2016, here I have to complete 2,016 miles before the end of the year. I am not finishing that anytime soon. 

  What do you all think? Do any of you do virtual races? Also, do you wish more 5k’s gave out medals?



5 thoughts on “Race to Oz Medal Came Today!

  1. We have an Oz run in my area. It is a really nice race. It is either 5k walk or run or 1/2 marathon. It was mu first 5k race last year. Some runners dress as characters from the movie. Everyone gets a medal too.

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