Ways to Motivate: Run the Year 2016

So I like this idea of virtual races. One of my followers on FB showed me Run the Year 2016.

 Run The Year 2016 is what it sounds. You must complete 2,016 miles. I just did the Race to Oz and completed it in two weeks. That was only 26.5 miles. I want a little challenge. It was fun but I to pay a price for a two week race and a medal is silly.

 Run The Year 2016 has a fee. It depends on what package you want. My package was to register and a metal. It was almost $40. Now that sounds pricey but $40 for the whole year gets you a online support system on FB and on their “virtual website.” I am still new but it gives motivation, tips, and helpful information ALL year. Also, when the year is over I get a medal. There is cheaper packages and more expensive packages to get t-shirts but I think I picked the second package.

 Race to Oz was $25 and it took me two weeks and I only get a medal. No support system. So I feel the $40 is a great price.

 Who is with me? It sounds fun.



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