Ways to Motivate: Virtual Races

Have you ever heard of virtual races? I never heard of them until earlier this week. I was playing around on my Facebook and one of those ads popped up on my news feed. I usually find these ads to be annoying but this one caught my attention.

 I saw this ad for a Race to Oz. I love anything for Wizard of Oz so I had to check it out. The website is called Yes! Make Yes Happen …kind of a mouth full but my blog is sort of a mouth full to. On this website you can find many virtual races. 

This race is 26.2 miles and you can take as long as you want. If you have a Fitbit (or any type of Fitbit like device) or you can manual put in your miles. You will get emails every day to see how far you went. This was a email sent to me today:


 I did sign up and it was $25. Some of the money goes to The Demoid Tumor Research Foundtation. Also supposedly after the race I will get some type of medal which is cool.

 So I found this motivating to use my Fitbit and try and get miles in. So check out Yes! Make Yes Happen and see if virtual races is for you.



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