Lost 1 lb this week!

 I am proud and shocked with myself! I lost 1 lb this week. Considering I went to Atlantic City Sunday and Monday and didn’t really start the weight loss until Tuesday/Wednesday is amazing. 

 I am not proud of myself of the drinking I did at AC but I called it my last “bang” before I restart my journey. I did that before back in 2013 when I had my graduation party and ate/drank like a pig and started to lose weight the day after. I lost 80 lbs on that journey. 

  I am interested in seeing where this journey takes me. I do not have a set goal. I feel like if I told myself I want to lose 20 lbs or 30lbs or more it would be over whelming. I am just going to see what happens.

 So happy that I lost 1 pound. That is a Guinea Pig. 

 I am sorry I lost you little one but I plan to get rid more of you. =)



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