The Skinny Rules: Following Bob Harper’s Rules for 2016

 If you do not know me then you don’t know about my love for Bob Harper. Since 2012 I have done his workouts and have two of his books. I am such a huge fan that I even met him in 2013 on The Rachael Ray Show. 

I wish I got to talk to him more but I was stars truck and unprepared to meet him. I was shocked people would have planned to have us meet. I messed it up because he came up to me during a break and I was so nervous. Stinks I could have not said more.


I love his book The Skinny Rules and I think his rules are straight forward. When I followed these rules I always seemed to be able to keep focus and lose weight.

For 2016 I will get back into gear and no more excuses. I made excuses all over 2015. 2015 is now over and here I am ready to go. Let me know if you try The Skinny Rules and let me know what you think. Also, watch Bob Harper host The Biggest Loser on Monday nights. I swear I am not a spokesperson of his..just a huge fan.

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