Ways to Motivate: Pact App

I  decided to make a blog series called Ways to Motivate. For these posts I will talk about things that get me going for weight loss, eating right, or working out. I feel if this stuff motivates me then maybe I can motivate others.

 Today I am writing about the Pact App. I believe it used to be called Gym Pact. This app is dedicated to you wanting to work out, eat veggies, and log in food. If you do so than you will gain money for it!

 As you can see I only do the work out portion. You can do all there pacts but I rather do one for working out. I have to workout for 4 days during the week. If I do I gain money. If I fail my pact than I am charged $5. If that is not motivation I do not know what is.

  I already cashed out $50 back in June and now I am up to $25. It is not a huge amount you get but it is still money you are getting to workout.

 This is the  Website and I think you can only get it for your iPhone but I am not sure. I am not that tech savvy.

 So give it a try! It is pretty awesome to get paid to workout.



5 thoughts on “Ways to Motivate: Pact App

  1. Hey! I had previously looked into the app but heard people have issues with it reading their workouts and checking into the gyms. Have you had any of these issues?

    • I have not had problems recently. The only gym I had issues in was Planet Fitness. I have it synced to my Fitbit. If I hit 10,000 steps it counts as a entry.

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