Jump Start in 2016

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve. Now it is time to jump into gear to be healthy and have a postive outlook on life. 

 Today was weigh in day and today made no difference. I think it is refreshing that January 1st falls on a weigh in day. So this is my weight starting into the new year. I promise to myself to get out of the 180’s in 2016. I think that is a realistic goal. I did it in 2015 before the holiday season and I can do it again.

 So, last night was fun but I need to slow down with my “drinking” ways in 2016. In April I will be 27 and  I am too old to be doing this. Brian and I are going to go away for a couple of days for a mini getaway. I will be a lady and not a college drinker. Since I am a college professor I feel like I should not drink like my students anymore…HA!

So as I promised I will post more. I will post how I am doing and what I am doing. Transformation Tuesday is sort of a day in the past for a while. I do not want to show transformations when I am still transforming.

Everyone have a wonderful New Year. Maybe your 2015 be full of health and happiness.


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