Interviewed for

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with everyone that I was interviewed for Shape a few months back. Funny thing is I was told I would be contacted and never was. Today out of boredom..I googled myself…because don’t we all? Well, I found the article. So sorry for no love sooner Shape! I didn’t know the article was live.

I was interviewed for the How I Bounced Back From A Binge Eating Episode and we all know how I struggle with this.

It was pretty cool to be emailed and asked if I wanted to be apart of this article. I feel people should know that losing weight is not easy and it is not a down hill cycle. Losing weight is like a rollar coaster with ups and downs and loops. It is never perfect.

So I was honored to be interviewed. Thank you so much Shape! It was a pleasure.


Race to Oz Medal Came Today!

 I am super motivated right now! My Race to Oz medal came in the mail today from Make Yes Happen, where I participated in a virtual race. What a great feeling to complete something and get a medal for it. I never received a medal for any races I have done. I know the point is to complete the race but to show that you did it is a nice prize. I usually save my PIN number I wore during the race. 

 I may do more virtual races because I can go at my own speed. Right now I am in Run the Year 2016, here I have to complete 2,016 miles before the end of the year. I am not finishing that anytime soon. 

  What do you all think? Do any of you do virtual races? Also, do you wish more 5k’s gave out medals?


I Lost 1 lb This Week

 I am pleased that I lost 1 lb this week. I am also very happy so have lost 2 lbs since the New Year. I am getting closer to my goal of getting out of the 180’s.

 This week was rough. I had no motivation to work out or keep on tracking with Weight Watchers. It really took me until Tuesday to snap out of it. I blame the weather. I hate when it is cold and gloomy outside. I feel like my energy is always sucked out.

 Still..I lost 1 lb this week and I am very happy. Here to to another successful week!


Ways to Motivate: Run the Year 2016

So I like this idea of virtual races. One of my followers on FB showed me Run the Year 2016.

 Run The Year 2016 is what it sounds. You must complete 2,016 miles. I just did the Race to Oz and completed it in two weeks. That was only 26.5 miles. I want a little challenge. It was fun but I to pay a price for a two week race and a medal is silly.

 Run The Year 2016 has a fee. It depends on what package you want. My package was to register and a metal. It was almost $40. Now that sounds pricey but $40 for the whole year gets you a online support system on FB and on their “virtual website.” I am still new but it gives motivation, tips, and helpful information ALL year. Also, when the year is over I get a medal. There is cheaper packages and more expensive packages to get t-shirts but I think I picked the second package.

 Race to Oz was $25 and it took me two weeks and I only get a medal. No support system. So I feel the $40 is a great price.

 Who is with me? It sounds fun.


Ways to Motivate: Virtual Races

Have you ever heard of virtual races? I never heard of them until earlier this week. I was playing around on my Facebook and one of those ads popped up on my news feed. I usually find these ads to be annoying but this one caught my attention.

 I saw this ad for a Race to Oz. I love anything for Wizard of Oz so I had to check it out. The website is called Yes! Make Yes Happen …kind of a mouth full but my blog is sort of a mouth full to. On this website you can find many virtual races. 

This race is 26.2 miles and you can take as long as you want. If you have a Fitbit (or any type of Fitbit like device) or you can manual put in your miles. You will get emails every day to see how far you went. This was a email sent to me today:


 I did sign up and it was $25. Some of the money goes to The Demoid Tumor Research Foundtation. Also supposedly after the race I will get some type of medal which is cool.

 So I found this motivating to use my Fitbit and try and get miles in. So check out Yes! Make Yes Happen and see if virtual races is for you.


Lost 1 lb this week!

 I am proud and shocked with myself! I lost 1 lb this week. Considering I went to Atlantic City Sunday and Monday and didn’t really start the weight loss until Tuesday/Wednesday is amazing. 

 I am not proud of myself of the drinking I did at AC but I called it my last “bang” before I restart my journey. I did that before back in 2013 when I had my graduation party and ate/drank like a pig and started to lose weight the day after. I lost 80 lbs on that journey. 

  I am interested in seeing where this journey takes me. I do not have a set goal. I feel like if I told myself I want to lose 20 lbs or 30lbs or more it would be over whelming. I am just going to see what happens.

 So happy that I lost 1 pound. That is a Guinea Pig. 

 I am sorry I lost you little one but I plan to get rid more of you. =)


The Skinny Rules: Following Bob Harper’s Rules for 2016

 If you do not know me then you don’t know about my love for Bob Harper. Since 2012 I have done his workouts and have two of his books. I am such a huge fan that I even met him in 2013 on The Rachael Ray Show. 

I wish I got to talk to him more but I was stars truck and unprepared to meet him. I was shocked people would have planned to have us meet. I messed it up because he came up to me during a break and I was so nervous. Stinks I could have not said more.


I love his book The Skinny Rules and I think his rules are straight forward. When I followed these rules I always seemed to be able to keep focus and lose weight.

For 2016 I will get back into gear and no more excuses. I made excuses all over 2015. 2015 is now over and here I am ready to go. Let me know if you try The Skinny Rules and let me know what you think. Also, watch Bob Harper host The Biggest Loser on Monday nights. I swear I am not a spokesperson of his..just a huge fan.

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