2016..Not a New Me…just Enhanced

As I sit here it is hard to believe 2015 is almost done. This year was full of wonderful accomplishments. 

-Graduated with my MA in English

– Taught College level Reading

– Taught three courses of college level composition 

– Returning to both of the colleges I worked for in the Spring

– Went to California with Brian and his family

– Went out with my friends and experienced different “adventures.”

-Found my love for Spin again

 What a wonderful year this has been. 

 I do believe in resolutions but I do not believe in making them not realistic goals.  I plan on being the same person but enhancing things.

1.) Follow Weight Watchers. A year ago I stopped Weight Watchers and I really think that is why I gained weight last year. I started to really follow the program after Thanksgiving and lost 7lbs before Christmas.

2.) Go back to working out five times a week. I became a slacker with working out. I always complained I was “tired.” No more.


Look at this awesome find from Target! Four DVDs for $15. Amazing deal.

3.) Stop drinking so much. I have become a lush. 

Not really, but I do drink more than usual. I plan to only drink for certain reasons. I plan to only drink maybe twice a month. Drinking has become a problem and I need to slow down.

4.) No more candy. Why do I need it?

 I love these candies. They are so bad for you. I found myself eating them a lot when I was stressed. I have no idea why I eat them. They hurt my stomach after a while. So knock it off! 

5.) Build up my confidence. My confidence has gone down a bit. I should have confidence! I command a classroom. I am smart and funny. I am worth the confidence.

 See..No big resolutions like losing 30 lbs. I am taking this one day at a time. If I think about 30 lbs that will over whelm me. 

2016 is all about positivity. I also promise to post on here more. I love hearing from you all. You keep me going.

Have a safe New Years Eve and New Years. Once these holidays are over we will be stronger than ever!




4 thoughts on “2016..Not a New Me…just Enhanced

  1. Happy New Year! It sounds like you just have to focus on being even more yourself, and your year will be great because of how great you are. Perhaps that sounds corny, but I can live with a little corniness if it’s my true opinion. Ps, I love the “you are not fingernails” quote. Thank you for that, it made me smile

    • Happy New Year to you! You are talking to the corny queen. I feel we all need to be corny in our lives. People who say they are not corny are lying.
      I loved the quote too. I found it on Pinterest so I can not take credit for it! Glad it made you smile. =)

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