7 lbs Down Since Thanksgiving

What a busy month December has been. I have been grading my students work nonstop. I am almost done with grades overall. I am looking forward to this holiday break.


 I am very pleased with myself this month. I have lost 7 pounds since Thanksgiving. I have tried to stop snacking this month. Also, I stopped drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn at night.

 There are also two other factors. I think Weight Watchers new program is going to help me. With doing it for only a week I can see how it will make me stay away from snacks. 

 Also, Brooke Not On A Diet had a Skinny Snowman Challenge which has kept me on track. I am so grateful that I am apart of this challenge. 

 So I am trying to keep focus for the holidays. It maybe tough with all the holiday parties but I will try my best. Once the new years comes I am on track. 2016 will be my year for health. 2015 made me slip and I will make sure 2016 will not be the same.

 It is time to think about the holiday season! 



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