2016..Not a New Me…just Enhanced

As I sit here it is hard to believe 2015 is almost done. This year was full of wonderful accomplishments. 

-Graduated with my MA in English

– Taught College level Reading

– Taught three courses of college level composition 

– Returning to both of the colleges I worked for in the Spring

– Went to California with Brian and his family

– Went out with my friends and experienced different “adventures.”

-Found my love for Spin again

 What a wonderful year this has been. 

 I do believe in resolutions but I do not believe in making them not realistic goals.  I plan on being the same person but enhancing things.

1.) Follow Weight Watchers. A year ago I stopped Weight Watchers and I really think that is why I gained weight last year. I started to really follow the program after Thanksgiving and lost 7lbs before Christmas.

2.) Go back to working out five times a week. I became a slacker with working out. I always complained I was “tired.” No more.


Look at this awesome find from Target! Four DVDs for $15. Amazing deal.

3.) Stop drinking so much. I have become a lush. 

Not really, but I do drink more than usual. I plan to only drink for certain reasons. I plan to only drink maybe twice a month. Drinking has become a problem and I need to slow down.

4.) No more candy. Why do I need it?

 I love these candies. They are so bad for you. I found myself eating them a lot when I was stressed. I have no idea why I eat them. They hurt my stomach after a while. So knock it off! 

5.) Build up my confidence. My confidence has gone down a bit. I should have confidence! I command a classroom. I am smart and funny. I am worth the confidence.

 See..No big resolutions like losing 30 lbs. I am taking this one day at a time. If I think about 30 lbs that will over whelm me. 

2016 is all about positivity. I also promise to post on here more. I love hearing from you all. You keep me going.

Have a safe New Years Eve and New Years. Once these holidays are over we will be stronger than ever!



7 lbs Down Since Thanksgiving

What a busy month December has been. I have been grading my students work nonstop. I am almost done with grades overall. I am looking forward to this holiday break.


 I am very pleased with myself this month. I have lost 7 pounds since Thanksgiving. I have tried to stop snacking this month. Also, I stopped drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn at night.

 There are also two other factors. I think Weight Watchers new program is going to help me. With doing it for only a week I can see how it will make me stay away from snacks. 

 Also, Brooke Not On A Diet had a Skinny Snowman Challenge which has kept me on track. I am so grateful that I am apart of this challenge. 

 So I am trying to keep focus for the holidays. It maybe tough with all the holiday parties but I will try my best. Once the new years comes I am on track. 2016 will be my year for health. 2015 made me slip and I will make sure 2016 will not be the same.

 It is time to think about the holiday season! 


Weight Off Your Shoulders Wednesday 

 I am doing something new for Wednesdays! 

   Weight off your shoulder Wednesday’s is when you comment below with any comment, question, story and get your feelings out. 

 I hope this makes my blog more interactive. This week you can say anything in the comment section. Some weeks I will have a theme.

Comment below! What do you have to say today?