Drinking More Water

 I am trying to drink more water. I feel like I do not drink a lot in general..unless it is alcohol. I seem to always forget to drink some type of liquids. Then I wonder why I feel dizzy and get head aches. I did well with cutting soda out of my diet. I rarely drink soda now. It hurts my teeth and makes me feel bloated.

 I cut the soda but my water intake is terrible. I never seem to drink enough of it. I am trying to be better. For No Nonsense November I am making sure I drink more water. Cut the alcohol and drink the water. So far I am doing well today. 




5 thoughts on “Drinking More Water

  1. I thought I was the only person in the world who just FORGETS to drink! People look at me so weird when I say I forget to drink, but it’s like I just don’t feel thirsty until I’m about to shrivel into some kind of raisin thing. 🙂 I need to take the phone reminder advice as well.

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