No Nonsense November

 November 1st is upon us and I have come out of my cave to write this blog post. I have been very quiet lately. My new job has been very demanding with prepping and I feel like I have no had time for myself. Now that I have prepared for my classes well in advance I feel I can breath a little bit in November. 

 I have not been happy with how things have been going lately with my health. I have gained over 30 lbs since last year and I have been having trouble losing it. I have noticed two major problems with my diet. 

 1.) I snack too much. When I get over whelmed I over eat. I will snack on anything too. Chips, pretzels,cereal, bread…ANYTHING. Not only do I do that when I feel anxiety but I do it when I am bored.

 I need to go back to what I used to do. I need to drink more water and I need to chew more gum. I need to get my mind off food.

 Also, I need to stop drinking. Craft beers is something I am drinking way too much of. Last night I drank a beer that was not a craft beer and never realized how much of a beer sob I have become. Well, I am not drinking this whole month. 

 I know drinking is a big problem with my diet. When I started Weight Watchers I did not drink. The whole month of November will be alcohol free. I want to see what will happen to my body and weight if I do not drink for a whole month.

 No more nonsense. No more complaining. No more feeling sorry for myself. Things are going to change.



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