Changes are Coming

Hello everyone,

I hope we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope we enjoyed and did not worry too much about what the scale may say to us in the future. Mine was great. I spent time with friends the night before. We went to a 80’s party and we all dressed up like Freddie Mercury. For the actual day I spent it with my family which was very nice.

I am writing this post because I think we are all aware of my worries. I have many changes coming soon in my life style. I am really tired of my weight gain. I have wrote many times I have gained 30 lbs in the last couple of years. I am going to work harder then ever before starting this month.

If anyone is interested, I did join a challenge that starts tomorrow November 29th-January 2nd. The challenge is only $5. This amount is really not a huge price.motivation

If you are interested in this, I suggest going to Brooke Not on a Diet’s website. If you are not do not know Brooke. I suggest reading this Buzzfeed article on her. She blew up the internet last year. What was cool about this was I knew her before all this. When I appeared on The Rachael Ray show she found and contacted me. Since this connection I read her blog, follow her on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. When she does challenges I always join in. She is a very supportive person but she has a lot of wonderful people who follow her. The support group is what I need right now. So if you are interested in joining the challenge with me and many wonderful people just click the link above to her blog.

Not only am I making a change with myself but this blog needs some changing as well. I have really been thinking about different ideas to try. I really want to hear more from others. I once or twice a week I will write a blog post and it will be dedicated to people who comment below and share their frustrates or struggles. I really need that support group. I plan on being more active on my Facebook account. I may have the same idea where people can comment below on a post and share their stories or whatnot. I think this blog is going well, but I think it is enough about me. I want to hear from others. I want to have support/support others.

I also want to create a separate email where people could email me questions or comments. I also was thinking about creating a YOUTUBE account. All of this is still up in the air.

So what do you guys think? Would you like a blog post dedicated to stories, questions, or concerns? Comment below and tell me what you would like to see. It is time for change.




Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving!! is a holiday and not a holiweek or holimonth. Enjoy but get back on track tomorrow.

 I am grateful for all the following above. I have a wonderful family, friends, boyfriend and his family in my life. I am truly grateful. I am also grateful to have a wonderful job at a wonderful college. They are bringing me back next semester for a whole course load. Very grateful.
Enjoy turkey day!

Change is a Good Thing

Once upon a time when I started my weight loss journey in 2012 I had really long hair. 

 I grew my hair out because I was in a wedding and want a really cool up do. I was 230 plus pounds and had a huge pride in my hair. It really took me a long time to grown my hair out to that length.

 The something changed the year is 2012. A movie called Les Miserables came out and I was in love with Anne Hathaways hair. 

 Her Glamour magazine cover really sold me with this style. For the longest time admired women who had this hair style. So bold and daring. My only concern was my weight. I was worried my weight would be a negative.

Finally in November I lost over 30 lbs and I figured enough worrying. It was just hair. It would grow back. So I did it. I cut my hair. 

 I wasn’t Anne Hathway but I really loved my new hairstyle. I felt it suited my face and it was so easy! I really recommend this hair style for every woman at least once. It is a huge change but it is a new and exciting experience.

So the pixie cut stuck with me from 2012 until now. I embraced it..cut it so short and even dyed it. I feel like the hair is my trade mark. But…now I am bored.

 It is 2015 and I feel it is time for a change. Just recently I decided to grow hair out. My goal is to have a pony tail again. Shocking!

So this picture was taken in end of July or start of August. Not sure. Ignore my dumb pose. We all did Dr. Evil picture and I am awkward and was not sure to smile. Anyway…this was a fresh hair cut. So fresh that it was that day. It was my last hair cut.

Here I am..just now. Fresh picture. My front piece is so long that I actually clip it. It is so annoying. My side burns is having a strong fierce battle right now. The back of my hair is starting to have a party that no one wants to be invited to. Despite my frustration I will power on. I need a trim to fix this.

So change is good. Keeps things fresh and different. I will periodically post pictures to show my hair progress.

 If you want to see more pictures you can follow me on Instagram at JMN0405. I post all the time on this account. Right now I am doing a No Nonsense November Photo Challenge.

Mailing Services: Graze & Ipsy

I felt I should share my opinion to the mailing service where you get mini samples to your house. I am apart of two of these mailing services. Graze and Ipsy. 

 I have been apart of  Graze for over a year. Weight Watchers actually has joined force and embraced the idea of Graze. So what is Graze? You can see in the picture above..Graze is a company that mails out a box which contains tiny snacks. These snacks are filled of all different types of foods. You can pick and choose what you want. 

  My box is the calorie count box. In Weight Watcher points each snack is usually no more than 3 points. They have different snacks such as nuts, dry fruit, chocolate, pretzel, ect..Here are my few favorites from Graze.

 These are just a few examples of what you could expect for a Graze box. If you get one you really should get the Calorie Count one because I do not know what the other snacks are like.

 You can get orders twice a month or only once. There maybe more options but I am not sure. I stopped getting them so much and I only get them once a month. I wanted to enjoy them so I decided to get it only once a month.

If you are interested here is a code for all you wonderfuls. You will get your first and third box free. The price is not awful either. It is $6 a box.  I recommend it! 

 So…my other topic has nothing to do with Weight Loss but for a confidence  boost.  When you have a confidence boost you tend to be happy and weight loss programs work more effectively. If you are a man I apologize because the following may not refer to you.

 Many of you may have heard of the mail service IPSY. Ipsy is a mail service where once a month you get a bag full of make up samples. I am not a makeup guru and I really have no experience but I love this service. 

 For $10 a month you receive a really cute bag..(I still have all mine) where you get all random beauty type products. I have received eye shadows, eye liners, brushes, lip sticks/gloss, creams, nail polishes, and ect..Such a great service for someone like me who knows NOTHING about makeup.


 Now you are probably thinking what does this have to do with anything? I have found myself wanting to pamper myself more. To pamper ones self gives you a confidence boost. I find when I have confidence I do better with motivation in my weight loss programs or anything really..

 Also, I find that since I have a new career I have to take care of myself. Since I am a teacher to adults if I do not show I care about my appearance I have this mindset that my students will not respect me. I have even gotten comments from my students where I get my lip color from or eye shadow before. If is a huge confidence booster.

 My makeup collection has grown since joining Ipsy. I found that I actually love a makeup company. A year ago I could never tell you a name brand. Ipsy shows you all this. Also, if you do not wear a lot of makeup..the samples for Ipsy do last a good amount of time.

 Again, Ipsy is $10 a month. Only problem is it takes a while to join. It is so popular and there is a waiting list. The waiting list is worth it though. I think I had to wait a month but I do not remember.

 Wow..I sound like someone who works for these companies but I really want to share my experiences. I have a lot of people on the fence and I am trying to showing if you would like this or not.

Might as well promote me. If you are interested in following me anywhere else besides my blog..I am active on Instagram at jmn0405…I post on there a lot. I love pictures. 

You can also follow me on Tweeter with the same name jmn0405.

Facebook at Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog and all you Viners you can follow me at Fatso_Weightloss
That is enough promotional plugs. If you only want to follow my blog that is okay. I love Instagram though. I think I am addicted to it. Anyway, remember Graze and the promo code above to get a free box. Ipsy does not have a promo code but I feel it is worth it.


Updates for November

So far No Nonsense November is going well. I stayed the same weight as last week which is awesome considering Halloween weekend was full of overindulging.

  I made sure to stay within my points, no snack, and no alcoholic drinks.

 I made sure to drink more water this week as well. I love my Tervis water bottle because it keeps me on track. I drink a couple of these and I am good to go. 

I also made sure to workout more. I was pretty good at getting my workouts in but I got back into spinning.

 I love spin class. This work out is the best workout for me. I feel like it is just me and the bike. I don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone. I only have to worry about myself. If the music is amazing then the work out is even better. I love it. Everyone should try one spin class.

 Now I am off to grade. Paper grading is stressful due to the amount but I love it. I will remember that I love it and not let the deadlines worry me. The stress will not over take me and make me snack.

Binge Eating

My name is Jackie and I am a binge eater. I eat amounts of food at one time that one should not consume. I have a huge issue eating things for long periods of time or sneaking food around others.

 I have a problem. I am trying to stop it but many do not understand. I am also an emotional eater. I tend to binge eat when I am upset or stressed. I am mostly stressed. I feel I have a lot on my pun intended..

 So when I am stressed I like to snack on everything. You name it I will snack on it. Not only that I drinks large amounts of alcohol. I love food and I always seem to focus my life around it. I always think of meals or places to eat. It sucks.

 I feel like this lists describes me a lot. I am trying to change my habits but I have an addiction. I did well a couple of years ago but I feel like I have replapsed.

Do you guys suffer with this? What do you all do? 

Drinking More Water

 I am trying to drink more water. I feel like I do not drink a lot in general..unless it is alcohol. I seem to always forget to drink some type of liquids. Then I wonder why I feel dizzy and get head aches. I did well with cutting soda out of my diet. I rarely drink soda now. It hurts my teeth and makes me feel bloated.

 I cut the soda but my water intake is terrible. I never seem to drink enough of it. I am trying to be better. For No Nonsense November I am making sure I drink more water. Cut the alcohol and drink the water. So far I am doing well today.