Workout for a Charity 

 Today I was excited to workout for a charity. I did a spin class for two hours for Autism Awareness. I did this because most of this school year I was a 1:1 for a three year old with autism. I worked with other children with autism as well and I spun for almost 40 miles and burned 1,334 calories for them. I like to workout for a reason and if the reason is for a charity that is completely worth it.

  My advice to you is to find a cause that means a lot to you. If you research it nine times out of ten you will find some kind of healthy workout you can do to help for the cause. The popular method is a 5K. These times of events are awesome but tend to get boring. 

 When I found out  Fuel Fitness in Sicklerville,NJ was hosting a Autism Awareness event for spinning I jumped onto the chance. They had three classes and I wanted to do all three but I want to help the cause…not die. It has been years since I did a double and I did well. Maybe next time.

  So go out there and find a healthy event for a cause you are passionate in.  I promise they are out there. You will feel amazing.



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