If I Wrote a Book..


I have a lot of time on my hands. Mainly because I graduated and my hours were cut at work and I am only part time now. I am looking and I am trying to be certified for substitute teaching but it could take a month. What do I do? Sure..I revised my resume and cover letters. I am applying to every university and community college..but what do I do that is fun?

What if I wrote a book? I have been debating about this for a while. Only problem is I do not want the book to only be about me. Who would buy a biographical book of just myself? If I do this who would buy a book with research and statistics in it? Boring..


I look to you all. What would you want to read? If you were to stop into a Barns and Noble and saw my book what would you want? Would it be in the fiction section and be about a girl growing up in obesity? Would it be in the nonfiction section? Would it talk about me and my struggles? Would it be in the weight loss section? Biographical and helpful information?

Thoughts? Just a idea..


2 thoughts on “If I Wrote a Book..

  1. Everyone has a story in them (some even have hundreds) but only you could be the one to make decision on what to write about. If you enjoy what you write (rather than force it), you’ll turn out a better product. Just remember people love to read good writing, so write well and they will read! Good luck to you!

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