My Twin Brother and his Weight Loss


I like to dedicate this post to my twin brother Michael. My brother has lost over 100 lbs. He is a true inspiration to me because he has lost so much weight and he has managed to keep it over and maintain. He is so focused. You never see him snack and he is so determined to stay within his Weight Watcher points.

I dedicate this post to him because even though he has succeed in this amazing life changing experience, he still struggles with something else. My brother has graduated college with a radio, TV, and film degree back in 2012 and has still not gotten a job in his field. He has had jobs but nothing in his career. We feel it is because we live in New Jersey and not near California where most of the jobs are.

He has a Go Fund Me account to raise money so he can live in LA, California. He has the money to go but he does not have the money to live there. His account has reached last the $100 mark.

I am not demanding anyone to donated or anything. Just suggesting. As his twin sister I am just concerned and want him to succeed. I just want him to catch a break. He has done such an amazing job losing all this weight and I want him to succeed in only parts of his life.

So please take the time to look at his Go Fund Me account. Also, my brother has a blog that deals with movies and reviews them.

Thank you!



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