Try Something New with your Workouts


Before I get into the main point of my post..I had to point out what my gym had laying out near the classrooms. Bagels and cookies? Bagels are not terrible but the calories and carbs are so high. I had a bagel yesterday and I had to workout because I felt guilty how many calories it was. BUT…COOKIES!?!?! What the hell are they doing to me? My weakness is cookies. Well any pastry…any chocolate..any sweets. So when I saw the cookies I was tempted. I was SOO tempted to take cookie. I did not though!! I did not give in. I was so good. I am proud of myself for not touching anything on this demon table.

Shame on you gym…

Anyway, I believe 2015 is a year to get out of your comfort zone and try new things with your workout. If you know me…I am pretty hardcore with my workouts. I do spin, TFocus, and Insanity. Zumba is not really my thing and I never tried yoga. So today..I did try some type of yoga. I did a class that was Pilates and yoga based.


I lied..I did try this class. Last year but I was so uncomfortable with myself, body, and my confidence was shot that I never did it again. I decided to try it again. It went well. My flexibility is better then it was when I first did it. Also I can hold my body up with my hands longer this time around. I think insanity has a lot to do with that.

My body seemed to work well but the ab section was terrible. I have no ab strength anymore. It sucks. I think I may try a core class on Tuesday nights but I hate how it is 7pm. I feel like that is late.


I enjoyed the class today. My body is somewhat sore but I feel good. I should continue with the class to get better. I do enjoy how I feel relaxed and my body does not feel so tight. I do love how you just lay on your mat at the end of the class. I almost fell asleep today. It was so relaxing!!

So my advice is to try or retry new workouts. Only doing it once means that it will not be the same experience the next time. So try new things!



6 thoughts on “Try Something New with your Workouts

  1. “Before I get into the main point of my post..I had to point out what my gym had laying out near the classrooms. Bagels and cookies?” Sounds like Planet Fitness? 🙂

    Peace ~ Bear

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