I Lost One Pound for the First Week of 2015!!


I am happy to say I lost one pound this week! I am not at 169 lbs. On my diet bet I was 173 lbs since I weighed myself at New Years Eve. So I technically lost 4 lbs but I am going to say one pound because 170 was where I was when I completely started using My Fitness Pal, worked out, and tracked everything.
This week for my workout I did two classes of insanity, TFocus, kick boxing, and gym equipment. I have done well with my workouts. Also, I feel so kept track of everything I consumed. I have cut soda completely out of my diet. I am also keeping away from candy and alcohol.

Next Friday is my graduation from graduate school. I am very excited. I am trying to not drink until that day. I am trying to keep alcohol out of my system. I drank way too much last year. Drinking leads to bad choices of food. So I am staying away from it.

Until then I am excited thinking of my graduation.



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