First Transformation Tuesday of 2015!!


Good morning!! My Transformation Tuesday of the new year is pictures where I am dressed up besides my high school proms. The before is me at my heaviest at 232 lbs. I am at my friends wedding. The second is me at 170 lbs on New Years Eve.

Many things have happened since then. 170 is not even the lightest I have been. My New Year’s Eve pic is actually a picture of a person who is tired of slipping and not being healthy anymore. My before picture is a girl who is unhappy, low self-esteem, and has no idea what is going to happen to her in a couple of months.

So..I hope everyone is doing well with trying to stay fit and focus once again. I think I am doing okay. I am working out and I am tracking everything down. So I think I am doing well.



2 thoughts on “First Transformation Tuesday of 2015!!

  1. I think, that you think, you’re doing well, but I know, that you are doing well – as should you, leave the thinking out of it – you’re doing great!! So just keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    We loveee to undermine our own efforts subconsciously in our writing, it’s a real change when you stop doing that, catch yourself before doing that – go through your writing and just admit to yourself “Damn, I’m doing awesome, doing everything I’m supposed to. I can do this, I’m proud of myself for doing this and will continue!”

    Keep it up!

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