Mud Run for 2015

So I have decided what I really want to do this year. I really want to do a Mud Run. I feel like a Mud Run is something that could be a adrenaline rush and rewarding. This could be something I could do that is more extravagant then a 5K. Also, it would be something to keep my head in the game and train for.


The Mud Run I will train for is LoziLu. This Mud Run is only women and no offense men, but I feel comfortable doing a women only one. Not like I do not feel comfortable around men but you guys do give me anxiety that reminds men of high school gym class. Maybe if I understand the run and feel more confident I will allow men into my run. For now, no men allowed!


This run has many obstacles but they do not look like they will “kill me” type of obstacles. I feel that this course is something I could handle. I still need to train for it though.


I found this article for helpful tips for doing a Mud Run. The link is here. I will need to train for this. The LoziLu is not as intense like other runs but I still need to be ready for it.

The LoziLu I wish to do is in Philadelphia, PA and it is set for August 1st. There is not many more details other than that. From what I could seems to be 5K style distance and it has 15 different obstacles. If anyone knows anymore…please let me know!


So..August 1st is eight months away. Eight months to train. Eight months to be motivated, inspired, and to become lean and mean. I need to practice my running skills for a start. I am so terrible at running. So I wish to practice this. Also, my strength is so weak and lousy. My upper body is terrible. So I am going to research excerise to start doing. The website has some awesome things I can do to train.

This is my goal. This is what I will work for this year. I wish to do other 5Ks this year but this Mud Run is going to be my goal. I need to keep focus this year. I want to lose weight but I do not want to be skinny. I want to be strong. Training for this will make me strong. I just need to focus.



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