InBody Reading: 2015 Will Be Different

So at my gym which is Healthtrax, they have a machine called the InBody. The machine does more then tell me my weight. It tells me everything else. I am not too happy by the results.


First of all I am 171 lbs. That upsets me because it is one pound away from gaining 20 lbs all together. Also my body fat mass is 70.8 which a falls past should fall around 160.


Things in black is past my level. My legs are awesome. They are the same as well. Arms and trunk need work. The trunk is always the hardest part to work out for a woman though.


What made me really nervous is the visceral fat. I am at level 15. I am on the high end of it. The visceral fat is bad fat. It is the fat around your organs.

So..they is just numbers on a page but still eye openers. I need to make a change with things this year. I have been doing pretty well so far since using My Fitness Pal. I have been staying within my calories and I have been working out as much as I can. I think I have been doing well. I think my workouts have been great but my diet was really bad.

I told Brian I do not want to go out to eat all the time and I want to stop drinking. Soda is also getting cut out of diet. I just need to keep doing the right things and stay on track.

That is all anyone can do.



10 thoughts on “InBody Reading: 2015 Will Be Different

  1. Just here to offer some encouragement. I know I need some sometimes myself! At some point in the future you will have a glowing report from one of these things and feel like a million bucks when you compare the two!

  2. I may not comment on your blog, in fact, I hardly comment on any blog but believe me I read every post you make. You are such an encouragement to me. I had lost 60 lbs but I have gained nearly all of it back. I have proclaimed that this is my year and we can do this together. Keep Strong!!!

    • Thank you so much! We all have our struggles and we all slip up. Just think postive and stay motivated and you can do anything! I am here to cheer you on!! Good luck! =)

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