All I Want For Christmas is Motivation on Weight Loss


The holiday season is upon us and we can really lose sight of our weight loss goals and habits. For me, it has been longer than the holiday season. My crazy work/school schedule really did a number on my goals and habits. All I want for Christmas is a new out look, motivation, confidence booster, and habit enhancement for losing weight.


The holidays has a lot of weaknesses when it comes to sabotaging your weight loss. For me it is cookies, high fattening meals, and alcoholic beverages. Granted, I did throw a whole thing of cupcakes because I did not need them. That felt good.


My advice is to try and keep your habits and try very hard not to indulge. Yes, it is hard. I know! Try only indulging the weekend. That is what I have been trying to do. All my events have been on the weekend. Try to also know when enough is enough. Have a cookie, it will not kill you..Try not to have twelve.


This goal is not to lose weight during the holidays. Some can but I can not. My goal is to maintain. I suggest the same. If you maintain and start back up after the holidays that is great! Just a little side road from your journey. Nothing is wrong with that.

Good luck everyone! Have a happy holiday!



3 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is Motivation on Weight Loss

  1. As someone constantly managing my weight, I suggest having a replacement indulgence. I have found nutritious chocolates and other sweets that are made from natural ingredients and without processed sugar. I do extensive research on what foods trigger what responses in my body. And I’ve also fleshed out a shopping list I can stick to and be satisfied- one which is not undone by an occasional cheat, or a rough few days.

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