Stressed The Last Couple of Weeks..


So..Nothing has been happening on here because I have not made accomplishments with weight loss or fitness. I have been slacking because I have so much going on. Last week I barely went to the gym because I had no time to go. I have been on job interviews and worrying about my master’s thesis.
My master’s thesis defense it tomorrow and I am really nervous about it. I have never done anything like this before and I do not know how to tackle this. My thesis is fifty pages..and the presentation has to be a half hour. I have been practicing but it seems to be 45 minutes. This is tough. I hope I do well. I am so nervous.
Once tomorrow is done thenI have the time to work out like I used to. I have been tracking my food intake lately which is good. I hope things go well tomorrow. I am so nervous.



4 thoughts on “Stressed The Last Couple of Weeks..

  1. How did it go? I am sure it went better than you had envisioned it. They always do. Most importantly you are done! Enjoy the feeling. You deserve it.

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